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Consider these projects as you either (1) register to participate in the Prayer Journey as a fundraising participant or (2) donate towards a specific project

Fundraisers will receive a snazzy PJ t-shirt if they raise $250+!

*total cannot include donations made towards your own fundraising goal

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COVID-19 Global Relief Fund | Goal: $25,000

This year, we have a unique opportunity to raise funds for those hardest hit by the pandemic, in partnership with Canadian Centre for World Mission (CCWM). We will be directing funds to a variety of high-impact projects and partners.

Learn more about these specific initiatives on the Fundraising Page

Brazil Pioneering | Goal: $900

Fundraising Page

There is so much opportunity for MoveIn to expand in the beautiful nation of Brazil. Brazilian MoveIner Marillia has identified three regions where MoveIn could be established: Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas, and Rio de Janeiro. This project will help her establish key partnerships in these regions through travelling and attending events, such as the Brazilian Missions Gathering and Aliança Evangélica.

Note: In the event that travel is restricted, the funds would be directed towards digital mobilization initiatives.

Project Leader: Marília

Evangelism & Discipleship Resources | Goal: $3,500

Fundraising Page

MoveIners are uniquely positioned to minister to some of the least reached in their cities. We desire to train those in our movement in how to effectively and compassionately share the good news and disciple their neighbours. Let’s take hold of this opportunity by providing our 95 teams with powerful resources that will allow them to advance the gospel through their ministry. The funds from this project will go towards training seminars and literature.

Project Leader: Brad

Gen Z Mobilization | Goal: $6,000

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When MoveIn began 10 years ago, millennial Christians were excited about getting involved in an emerging movement that was all about engaging in the mission of God in their everyday life. Now it's time for us to reach out to the next generation! We want to learn more about Gen Z and how they relate to the vision of MoveIn and global missions. By giving to this project you will be helping us conduct a multi-provincial research project that will help us answer the question: How is God raising up the next generation for his mission?

Project Leaders: Kristen & Valera

Latin America Mobilization | Goal: $6,000

Fundraising Page

Last year, we saw teams form in three new Latin American countries. This year, Josué's goal is to see five more teams form in countries and regions where we've yet to establish MoveIn presence. Growing a movement in a new region involves supporting existing teams while mobilizing. The funds from this project will support travel and event costs. They will also contribute to the costs of Latin America's first Regional Gathering in 2021!

Project Leader: Josué

Majority World Mobilization | Goal: $5,000

Fundraising Page

Since MoveIn began 10 years ago, we have witnessed rapid growth as the Holy Spirit continues to breathe new life. Yet, there is still plenty of work needed to mobilize believers to be prayerful and present among the unreached urban poor globally, especially in the majority world. This project would be centred on increasing the presence of MoveIn in target countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and India.

Note: In the event that air travel is not an option, the funds would be directed towards digital mobilization initiatives and local partnerships in these countries.

Project Leader: Tolani

MoveIner Care Fund | Goal: $5,000

Fundraising Page

MoveIners are givers. They have moved into their neighbourhoods because they want to pray and make disciples. There will always be costs to this emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Martha and her team seek to encourage current MoveIners so they can be healthy in these areas and, ultimately, stay in their neighbourhoods. Funds will go towards pest control, gifts, opportunities for retreat, and more. Help us help over 350 MoveIners in ways we've never been able to!

Project Leader: Martha

MoveIner Conference Development | Goal: $5,000

Fundraising Page

The annual MoveIner Conference is meant to encourage and equip MoveIners and to do that, it needs to be able to grow and develop as the movement grows and develops! The funds from this project will allow us to implement creative changes and additions to the conference program, increase our budget for special guests, speakers, and one-on-ones (counsellors, spiritual directors, etc), and provide subsidies for MoveIners who have large travel costs associated with conference (e.g. flights from another part of Canada) or whose financial situation is a barrier to attending.

Project Leader: Jemcah

N Africa Vision Trip | Goal: $2,200

Fundraising Page

Support a MoveIn Vision Team staff member to travel to N Africa, connect with people who already live there and research what it would be like for someone to intentionally live in some of the most challenging neighbourhoods of these cities and countries.

Note: In the event that air travel is not an option, the funds would be directed towards creating Arabic resources and translations for MoveIn.

Project Leader: J.L.

Promotional Material Fund | Goal: $600

Fundraising Page

Effective visuals are key in mobilization efforts. This fund will help us update and freshen up some of our boothing materials for our staff across Canada.

Project Leader: Rachel

Resourcing for Amazing Staff | Goal: $5,000

Fundraising Page

Our amazing staff are involved in all kinds of projects and sometimes these events and activities incur extra expenses. This project will help cover some of these added costs rather than having them come out of pocket. We are excited for this project to give a boost to those who need it. 

Project Leader: Ye Yuan