Coordinator Checklist

Use this guide to stay on track and help make your JA Trivia Bowl event a success!

First Things First

  • Identify an individual or committee to coordinate the event
  • Decide whether your company will:
    • Pay $30 per person registration fee and encourage employees to raise funds for JA, or
    • Pay $50 per person if you want to host an event that doesn’t require fundraising, or 
    • Ask employees to pay the $30 registration fee and raise funds for JA
  • Set goals for your company
    • Number of participating teams (5 people per team) or individuals
    • Amount your company would like to raise to support JA
  • Select date and time for your Trivia Bowl

One Month Before the Event

  • Work with JA staff to create a company page on JA’s fundraising website
  • Use JA templates to promote the event via emails, intranet, newsletter, social media, invite from executive, etc.
  • Determine who will emcee the event (JA Board Member, executive or passionate volunteer)
  • Identify a champion from each department/branch to encourage participation
  • Invite clients and vendors to participate in your event and/or sponsor a question ($250) or round of questions ($1,000)
  • If fundraising:
    • Provide participants the information to register on JA’s fundraising website
    • Monitor fundraising efforts and motivate participants to raise money by asking their friends, family and co-workers to support JA
    • Encourage participants to apply for matching funds (if appropriate)
    • Share fundraising updates to participants frequently and recognize teams and individuals who are raising the most

Closer to the Event

  • Make the event more fun by encouraging participants to compete for prizes based on Best Team or Individual Name and/or Best Team or Individual Costumes
  • Secure prizes for these competitions (JA will provide prizes for Most Funds Raised and the Winner of the Game)
  • Customize your game by providing five questions about your company or industry
  • Schedule a 15-30 minute training for the Emcee and determine if there will be any technical issues when accessing online platforms

Week of the Event

  • Send event reminder to participants
  • Encourage last minute fundraising (if appropriate)

After the Event:

  • Recognize and congratulate participants for their outstanding efforts via emails, intranet, newsletter, and social media
  • Follow up with participants who haven’t applied for matching funds (if appropriate)
  • Distribute prizes
  • Pay registration fee invoice