TriviaBowl Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Trivia Bowl Cost?

$30 per player if participants are asked to raise additional funds to support JA, or $50 per player with no additional fundraising required

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of players?

Minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 players

What is the format of the game?

Players gather on Zoom from remote locations to play an online trivia game. There will be three rounds of 15 questions each with lively background music. The game can be played as teams or individuals. Points are based on correct answers and the speed in which questions are answered. Participants can’t change their answers after their first selection. There will be two questions at the end of each round worth double points to generate enthusiasm.

Can questions be customized?

Yes, each company can customize up to 5 questions and choose categories.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, an entire round of trivia (15 questions) can be sponsored for $1,000 or a single question can be sponsored at $250.

Are there prizes?

Yes, JA will provide a prize for the top fundraising team or individual, and the overall trivia game winner(s). Any company is welcome to add additional competitions and provide prizes (best costume, best team name, etc.).

Can we set up a tournament?

Yes, under certain circumstances and for an additional fee. Please contact Ellie if you are interested.

When can we play?

JA will work with coordinators to schedule a mutually agreed upon date and time between November, 2020 and April, 2021.

How do I sign up?

Let Ellie, or another JA Staff Member, know you are ready to PLAY4JA!