You can control your own mental health, raise awareness and fundraise to support depression education and break the stigma.

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Making It Fun

The Positivity Pledge makes mental health empowerment fun! With themed weeks focused on  Nutrition and Mindfulness along with a new challenge each day including #ShareSunday, #MentalHealthMonday, #WinningWednesday, and #FamilyFriendsFriday.

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Supporting A Cause

The Positivity Pledge is an opportunity for to support mental health, depression, and suicide prevention education in middle and high school across the country. Join us in our efforts to ensure no teens feels alone and everyone deserves good mental health. Learn more about our free programs, curriculum, resources, parent engagement activities and teen empowerment clubs.

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The Positivity Pledge: 31 Days to Put Some Good in the World

Join Erika's Lighthouse this May for Mental Health Awareness Month as we work to put some good in the world.

The Positivity Pledge is your opportunity to commit to 31 days focused on positive actions, helping others, self-care, and establishing good habits for positive mental health.

What's Next?
From here, the next steps are easy:

1) Take the pledge.
2) Personalize It. If you choose, you'll receive a personal event page where you can update friends and family on your progress with photos and more.
3) Share It. You can connect your page with facebook or email friends & family asking for them to join you or support your efforts through donations.
4) Keep It Updated. You'll have an opportunity to continue reaching out to family and friends with the latest information about your efforts to meet the Positivity Pledge.

You can help us Build A Beacon of Hope for teens across the country struggling with depression and mental health challenges. The dollars you raise support educating teens, parents and schools.

Go Beyond: Raise Awareness
The Positivity Pledge is designed to raise awareness to mental health issues and provide helpful, meaningful reasources to those in need. Join us!

Do I Fundraise?
While we would love to have you championing Erika's Lighthouse, you don't have to fundraise. In fact, you can sign the Positiivity Pledge as a non-fundraiser! The entire calendar is also available for you to review on your own. We want to empower you to take control of your mental health.

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