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1) CREDIT CARD - Use this form to make a general donation towards a specific fundraiser or project goal. Use the search function to search for a name of an individual or project you would like to give towards. For reference, the titles of this year's fundraising projects are listed above (learn more under the projects tab).

2) CHEQUE - Mail a cheque to our main office:

3003 Danforth Ave, PO Box 93582
Toronto, Ontario M4C 5R4 Canada

If you are giving towards an individual's specific project goal, please let them know that you are mailing in a cheque. Please format your cheque as follows, indicating the project or individual you would like to give towards:

Cheque (2).png

3) CASH - You can donate through cash at a Prayer Journey event on June 15. Envelopes will be available, and donations of $20+ are tax receiptable.

Thank you for your generosity towards our movement. 

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