Due to the ongoing public health situation, local Promise Walks are postponing to a later date, moving to a virtual environment, or forgoing a 2020 event. Please check your local walk's webpage and social media for updates. If there is no Promise Walk in your area, please consider joining us for our first national virtual walk - The Promise Walk Wherever.

Thank you for your continued support during these times. You are saving moms and babies!

Champions for Change Summit

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Champions for Change Summit is right around the corner on October 2-4 in Houston, Texas! Hosted by MoMMA's Voices, the Summit is dedicated to empowering you with the education, training, and the resources needed to become an effective patient and family advocate in maternal health. Be a Champion for Change and register today!



Thanks for a GREAT 2019 Promise Walk Season!

What a great 2019 Promise Walk season! Our theme was Rally for Research , and you were part of the solution by promoting The Preeclampsia Registry. Because of your dedication, we are able to continue funding research in hopes of ending preeclampsia. 


This year 3946 participants registered, formed 516 teams, and raised more than $422,000.  Promise Walk for Preeclampsia ™ supports the purpose of the Preeclampsia Foundation as we educate, support and engage the community, improve healthcare practices, and find a cure.


Special Congratulations and Appreciation


Promise Walk Top 3 Individual Fundraisers for 2019

Britini Wilkens Chicago $13,310

Jay & Mary Kory   Pittsburgh $8,442

Caroline Emery Kansas City $6,348


Promise Walk Top 3 Teams for 2019

Team Hope Chicago $24,058

Riley Matters Pittsburgh $9,474

The Johnses Hike for HELLP Pittsburgh $8,981


Watch and Share

Preeclampsia is a life-threatening disorder of pregnancy related to high blood pressure in the second and third trimesters. Every expecting mother should know the signs and symptoms and report to their health care provider should they experience any of these 7 common symptoms. More information available at


Esta condición se relaciona a la presión arterial alta y puede presentarse en cualquier mujer embarazada, en especial durante la segunda mitad del embarazo y hasta seis semanas después del parto. Visite nuestro sitio web en

La preeclampsia puede manifestarse rápidamente, por lo cual es importante conocer los síntomas y compartirlos con su proveedor de salud lo antes posible. Si usted experimenta alguno de los siguientes síntomas, comuníquese de inmediato con su doctor o proveedor de salud.