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Join me as I try to raise money for LGBTQ+ youth in Central Florida!

Zebra Coalition is an organiztion that is dear to my heart and I would really apprecaite your support for this cause. 


Zebra Coalition was established in 2010 to provide a safe space for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, who are vulnerable, at risk and in need. The Coalition is the only nonprofit in Central Florida providing services specifically targeting homeless LGBTQ+ youth and is especially sensitive to the needs of Black, Hispanic and Latinx LGBTQ+ youth. 

Zebra Coalition provides homeless LGBTQ+ youth with emergency housing, drop-in services, case management, crisis counseling, mental health counseling, education and employment services, and proactive anti-bullying after school programs all at no charge to our youth or parents. The goal of programming is to provide each youth the tools necessary to become a healthy, happy and self-sufficient individual.





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My Supporters

  • Amy Webb Last month $50.00
  • Anonymous Go get ‘em Troy! Good luck!! Last month $30.00
  • Jenni Trovillion Go Troy go! Last month
  • Anonymous Last month
  • Jen Marx What a great cause! Last month $100.00
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  • Jen Marx What a great cause! Last month $100.00
  • Amy Webb Last month $50.00
  • Anonymous Go get ‘em Troy! Good luck!! Last month $30.00
  • Axel Smith Last month $25.00
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My Teammates

  • Troy Porter Troy Porter $300.00
  • Keith M. Drosehn Keith M. Drosehn $145.00
  • Maurice Calderon Maurice Calderon $45.00
  • Michelle Shannon Michelle Shannon $45.00
  • Robert Reese Robert Reese $45.00
  • Colleen Nixon Colleen Nixon $45.00
  • Sarah Reardon Sarah Reardon $45.00
  • Maria Cinquegrani Maria Cinquegrani $45.00
  • Sheila Anderson Sheila Anderson $45.00
  • Stacy Turner Stacy Turner $45.00
  • Callie Shilling Callie Shilling $45.00
  • Bj Price Bj Price $45.00
  • Jessica Schaefer Jessica Schaefer $45.00
  • Tosha Wofford Tosha Wofford $45.00
  • Rodney Nishikubo Rodney Nishikubo $45.00
  • Saudade Hernandez-Benjamin Saudade Hernandez-Benjamin $45.00
  • Rolando Quispe Rolando Quispe $35.00
  • Guy Mawhinney Guy Mawhinney $35.00
  • Dan Mawhinney Dan Mawhinney $35.00
  • MICHAEL Teplansky MICHAEL Teplansky Team Captain $35.00
  • Maddie Boucher Maddie Boucher $25.00
  • Thomas Garvey Thomas Garvey $25.00
  • Christian DeMichiel Christian DeMichiel $25.00

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