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Join me as I try to raise money for LGBTQ+ youth in Central Florida!

Zebra Coalition is an organiztion that is dear to my heart and I would really apprecaite your support for this cause. 


Zebra Coalition was established in 2010 to provide a safe space for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, who are vulnerable, at risk and in need. The Coalition is the only nonprofit in Central Florida providing services specifically targeting homeless LGBTQ+ youth and is especially sensitive to the needs of Black, Hispanic and Latinx LGBTQ+ youth. 

Zebra Coalition provides homeless LGBTQ+ youth with emergency housing, drop-in services, case management, crisis counseling, mental health counseling, education and employment services, and proactive anti-bullying after school programs all at no charge to our youth or parents. The goal of programming is to provide each youth the tools necessary to become a healthy, happy and self-sufficient individual.





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  • Beth Reed Beth Reed $1,320.00
  • Carissa Edginton Carissa Edginton $45.00
  • Kryslin Johnson Kryslin Johnson $45.00
  • Madison Huffman Madison Huffman $45.00
  • Leslie Menichino Leslie Menichino $45.00
  • Jeannette Cartagena Jeannette Cartagena $45.00
  • Sarah Kyle Sarah Kyle $45.00
  • Katherine Frisby Katherine Frisby $45.00
  • Sara Oviedo Sara Oviedo $45.00
  • Connie Watson Connie Watson $45.00
  • Emily Bohn Emily Bohn $45.00
  • Stacey Marsh Stacey Marsh $45.00
  • Kylie Frisby Kylie Frisby $25.00
  • darcy taylor darcy taylor
  • Gregory Dunn Gregory Dunn
  • Elizabeth Zerbe Elizabeth Zerbe
  • Cassandra Driscoll Cassandra Driscoll
  • andrea greene andrea greene
  • Laura Regus Alvarez Laura Regus Alvarez
  • Sarah Nitenson Sarah Nitenson
  • MaryKate Morani MaryKate Morani
  • Rob Langtry Rob Langtry
  • Sharon Henzler Sharon Henzler
  • Krista Holmes Krista Holmes
  • Philip Opitz Philip Opitz
  • Anna Berezina Anna Berezina
  • Alexandra Kent Alexandra Kent
  • Katie Reddick Katie Reddick Team Captain $0.00
  • Jason Carbino Jason Carbino
  • Emily Barnett Emily Barnett
  • Kayleigh Cyr Kayleigh Cyr
  • Angela Fonde Angela Fonde
  • David Zoeteman David Zoeteman
  • Ewa Meza Ewa Meza
  • Dale Howarth Dale Howarth
  • Courtney Brannick Courtney Brannick
  • Priscilla Scoggin-Saslaw Priscilla Scoggin-Saslaw
  • Bonnie Li Bonnie Li
  • Brian Burgess Brian Burgess
  • Sabrae Boisvert Sabrae Boisvert
  • Danielle Hanna Danielle Hanna
  • Valerie Ford Valerie Ford
  • M. Cecelia Parrish M. Cecelia Parrish
  • Rebecca Bicknell Rebecca Bicknell
  • Emma Stewart Emma Stewart
  • Daniel Winegrad Daniel Winegrad
  • Jessica Colman Jessica Colman
  • Abby Ayers Abby Ayers
  • Lindsay Gray Lindsay Gray
  • Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson
  • Justin Sullivan Justin Sullivan
  • Steph Kalina Steph Kalina
  • Nicole Bynum Nicole Bynum
  • Rosie Aikens Rosie Aikens
  • Alec Abbott Alec Abbott
  • Paula Welch Paula Welch
  • Amanda Haugabrook Amanda Haugabrook
  • Amy Grosss Amy Grosss
  • Valarie Delaporte Valarie Delaporte
  • Emily Lynch Emily Lynch
  • Maxine Gilman Maxine Gilman

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