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Join us and help us raise funds for LGBTQ+ youth in Central Florida!

We are coming together to run the Drag Race 5k to celebrate how our local community has come together to keep supporting our future leaders. 

Zebra Coalition was established in 2010 to provide a safe space for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, who are vulnerable, at risk and in need. The Coalition is the only nonprofit in Central Florida providing services specifically targeting homeless LGBTQ+ youth and is especially sensitive to the needs of Black, Hispanic and Latinx LGBTQ+ youth. 

Zebra Coalition provides homeless LGBTQ+ youth with emergency housing, drop-in services, case management, crisis counseling, mental health counseling, education and employment services, and proactive anti-bullying after school programs all at no charge to our youth or parents. The goal of programming is to provide each youth the tools necessary to become a healthy, happy and self-sufficient individual.

Our Team

  • Beth Reed Beth Reed $1,320.00
  • Carissa Edginton Carissa Edginton $45.00
  • Kryslin Johnson Kryslin Johnson $45.00
  • Madison Huffman Madison Huffman $45.00
  • Leslie Menichino Leslie Menichino $45.00
  • Jeannette Cartagena Jeannette Cartagena $45.00
  • Sarah Kyle Sarah Kyle $45.00
  • Katherine Frisby Katherine Frisby $45.00
  • Sara Oviedo Sara Oviedo $45.00
  • Connie Watson Connie Watson $45.00
  • Emily Bohn Emily Bohn $45.00
  • Stacey Marsh Stacey Marsh $45.00
  • Kylie Frisby Kylie Frisby $25.00
  • darcy taylor darcy taylor
  • Gregory Dunn Gregory Dunn
  • Elizabeth Zerbe Elizabeth Zerbe
  • Cassandra Driscoll Cassandra Driscoll
  • andrea greene andrea greene
  • Laura Regus Alvarez Laura Regus Alvarez
  • Sarah Nitenson Sarah Nitenson
  • MaryKate Morani MaryKate Morani
  • Rob Langtry Rob Langtry
  • Sharon Henzler Sharon Henzler
  • Krista Holmes Krista Holmes
  • Philip Opitz Philip Opitz
  • Anna Berezina Anna Berezina
  • Alexandra Kent Alexandra Kent
  • Katie Reddick Katie Reddick Team Captain $0.00
  • Jason Carbino Jason Carbino
  • Emily Barnett Emily Barnett
  • Kayleigh Cyr Kayleigh Cyr
  • Angela Fonde Angela Fonde
  • David Zoeteman David Zoeteman
  • Ewa Meza Ewa Meza
  • Dale Howarth Dale Howarth
  • Courtney Brannick Courtney Brannick
  • Priscilla Scoggin-Saslaw Priscilla Scoggin-Saslaw
  • Bonnie Li Bonnie Li
  • Brian Burgess Brian Burgess
  • Sabrae Boisvert Sabrae Boisvert
  • Danielle Hanna Danielle Hanna
  • Valerie Ford Valerie Ford
  • M. Cecelia Parrish M. Cecelia Parrish
  • Rebecca Bicknell Rebecca Bicknell
  • Emma Stewart Emma Stewart
  • Daniel Winegrad Daniel Winegrad
  • Jessica Colman Jessica Colman
  • Abby Ayers Abby Ayers
  • Lindsay Gray Lindsay Gray
  • Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson
  • Justin Sullivan Justin Sullivan
  • Steph Kalina Steph Kalina
  • Nicole Bynum Nicole Bynum
  • Rosie Aikens Rosie Aikens
  • Alec Abbott Alec Abbott
  • Paula Welch Paula Welch
  • Amanda Haugabrook Amanda Haugabrook
  • Amy Grosss Amy Grosss
  • Valarie Delaporte Valarie Delaporte
  • Emily Lynch Emily Lynch
  • Maxine Gilman Maxine Gilman

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  • Anonymous Sounds like it was a wonderful walk! So proud of you for doing this. We love you and Max! 4 weeks ago $25.00
  • Amber Boone love the cause, love you 4 weeks ago $25.00
  • Taryn Donovan 4 weeks ago $50.00
  • Dotty Buchanan What a perfect way to honor your beloved Max 5 weeks ago $50.00
  • Maria Murphy Last month $50.00
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  • Liberty Mutual Team July 2021 $2,890.00
  • Liberty Mutual Team July 2021 $315.00
  • Robert Miller Last month $250.00
  • LuAnn Hanback Happy to support you in and this cause. Last month $200.00
  • Connie Watson Last month $100.00
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