We are racing for Beth and hopefully a few more Powerful Young Women!

Beth and the Schlaak family are racing 12 kilometers in support of girls education. Any money we raise goes directly to Daraja Academy in Kenya and Beth's education. We are expanding our goal a bit this year to try and support a few more deserving young women in seeking to empower themselves and their families. Since joining the Daraja Education Foundation Board in the fall, I am more convinced than ever that Daraja is as compelling a use of philanthropic money as exists anywhere. Empowering young women through education rapidly evolves standard of living in developing nations. The research is incontrovertible. Thank you for your help! or as they say in Kenya, ASANTE SANA!

Beth's Story

Beth is from the Kikuyu tribe. She was born in Olkalou as one of 7 siblings. Beth lost her father when she was young, so her mom now works odd jobs to scrape together enough money to feed their family. Beth taught herself how to read so she could attend primary school. Now, she writes for the student newspaper, The Daraja Times. In her article advocating for the end of FGM, she argues that “we should fight against FGM because it is shutting down many dreams of girls in society.” Beth wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. She says, "I want to change my community...I want to help them gain employment. I want to help them to become educated."





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