I'm racing for Beatrice!

Beatrice and I are racing 12 kilometers in support of girls education. Any money we raise goes directly to Daraja Academy in Kenya and Beatrice's education. Thank you for your help! or as they say in Kenya, ASANTE SANA!

Beatrice's Story

Beatrice is from Rarieda. She is one of seven daughters in a home headed by a fisherman and small business woman. She describes the conditions of their lifestyle, remembering, “sometimes our meals are inadequate, our clothing is a problem, and the shelter we live in is built of mud… when it starts raining we all have sorrows.” Most of the little money her family makes has gone towards her older sisters’ school fees, and there wasn’t any left when it was time for Beatrice to go to high school until she received her Daraja scholarship. Beatrice is incredibly dedicated to her education and says, “There is a time for everything. When it comes time to go to school, go!” She is interested in studying English, science, and social studies and plans to become a teacher in the future. She hopes she can instill good morals in her future students and teach them to be great members on their communities. Beatrice is excited to continue her education at Daraja and hopes for a bright and better future.





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