I'm racing for Daraja!

Four months ago, my right leg was amputated. I believe in our students so strongly that over the next few weeks I will walk 12 km for their educations and their futures. My doctors have okayed it — it’s on! Please help me change 120 lives. I will never forget your support.

My Story

My leg was amputated on December 19 — In May I’m going to walk 12 km for the girls of Daraja Academy. 

Why? This pandemic is hitting our girls hard. Many don’t have the phones or the airtime to even do distance learning properly. Because of shelter-in-place, many parents Cannot find work and the food is running out. 

My girls aren’t learning. My girls aren’t eating. Others are answering a call to action, I will too. 

I’ve been sidelined for 10 years, clapping as others raised money during the #Race4Daraja. I cheered, I supported, and this year, I will join them and the Daraja girls in Kenya by logging 12km’s however I can. 

Join me. Get connected with a student and walk or run 12km’s (7 miles) so that we can get the girls of Daraja Academy the tools they need to continue their educations during these desperate times of the Covid 19 global pandemic. 





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My Supporters

  • Lynne Good luck!! You are an inspiration June 2020 $60.00
  • Josh June 2020 $120.00
  • Susan As my mom said, "put your head down and keep going." !!! May 2020 $100.00
  • Anonymous Jason, You are the most amazing person I know. I'm so blessed to have you as a friend. You are an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work. May 2020 $120.00
  • Stephanie Happy Birthday Dearest Jason! You are just totally AMAZING and I love you!! Thank you for ALL you do for SO many!! XOXOXO May 2020 $100.00
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  • Anonymous We are all behind you and the girls. It takes resilience and love and we have a lot of both for Daraja! May 2020 $1,000.00
  • Anonymous Way to go, Jason! May 2020 $500.00
  • Blake Amazing work as always Jason!! You are a champion among champions! May 2020 $300.00
  • Brett You are the best Jason. One day you have to take me there so I can see what you have built. Give Jenni and your cute boy a hug for me and have a great day. May 2020 $250.00
  • Martin May 2020 $250.00
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