Thank you for being a 5.7K Championship Event Fundraiser!

Each person who registers for this event is making a difference in the lives of those battling ALS, but it is when we rally our neighbors and networks that we can make huge strides for families in the toughest fight of their lives. We are strong alone, but Champions together.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a vital component of the 5.7K Championship Event that makes our work possible. In an effort to help you reach your goals, the Brigance Brigade Foundation put together the toolkit linked below. In this toolkit, you will find information and resources needed to effectively and easily promote registration for the 5.7K Championship Event as well as your personal fundraising goals.

Click here to download the 5.7K Championship Event Toolkit.

Fundraising incentives are also available at pre-determined levels to help encourage our wonderful supporters to get creative and continue to raise much needed funds for our families! Keep an eye out for our announcement of this year's fundraising incentives!