RIDE22 hits the streets ~~~

National Partner and Corporate Sponsors

AMVETS and VFV team up on this National Annual Event - all across the nation!  We hope many come out and join us for this fun yet critically important event for our struggling veterans!

RIDE for 22

We RIDE for the 22 to raise funds and RESTORE HOPE among our Veterans! 

The Mission is to serve Veterans in need; beginning with saving lives! ... ONE veteran at a time!

On 30 June 2018 our miles count to fight against suicide!

Check out the locations of our RIDE22 and come ride with us taking a stand for our Veterans; men and women of honor.

Thank you for joining us on this historic, 1st annual RIDE all across the great USA!


"They fought for our freedom, let's fight for theirs!"

Recent Activity


  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Washington, DC
  • Fargo, ND
  • Allegany, NY
  • Long Island, NY
  • TN
  • San Antonio, TX

Our Newest Participants

  • Jeremy Gardner Jeremy Gardner
  • Leslie Metcalf Leslie Metcalf
  • Andrew Ross Andrew Ross
  • Orlando Herrera Orlando Herrera
  • Geraldine Wurster Geraldine Wurster
  • Rick Wurster Rick Wurster
  • Kathy Fullerton Kathy Fullerton
  • Paul Fullerton Paul Fullerton
  • Cindy Boyce Cindy Boyce
  • Bryan Boyce Bryan Boyce
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Where do my donations go?

Your generous contributions goes to our Employment Initiatives: our IT Apprenticeship designed to get Veterans in HIGHER paying Careers, vs. just a job!

VFV and AMVETS both understand that Employment, or the lack thereof, accounts for up to 20% of the suicides among Veterans!

Thank you for your help in reducing this epidemic of caos and RESTORING HOPE for our Veterans!