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About This Event

WHERE: Vancouver/Seattle - LA
WHEN: 7-16 October 2022 (Duration 8 Days)
WHO: Bring 25 or so volunteers from each participating country to ride for refugees and help raise 1200 food boxes for refugees.  And also help build future Islamic Relief ambassadors to spread our mission across the globe.
WHY: Thousands of  people have been evacuated from Afghanistan. The situation still poses serious challenges. Preparations for a new wave of refugees have already begun. The US and Canada has set aside $500 million for urgent refugee needs, and nearly 100 countries have pledged to accept refugees. Canada has pledged to resettle 20,000 new Afghan refugees, There are an estimated 150,000 Afghan Americans, 85,000 Afghan Canadians.

Reach New Limits!

Immerse yourself in the landscapes of our nations most breath taking Highway on the Pacfic Coast, you will see oceans and mountains and well preserved naturistic locations.

So get on your motorcycle and get ready to ride down every riders dream as we travel through 3 states going from North to South on the Pacfic Coast Highway.   Explore the scenic roads surrounded by oceans, forests and mountain for a once in a lifetime adventure on the west coast.

Between October 7th -16th, you will get the full experience of a ride that will take us to cities we only dreamed of visiting as our itinerary will be jam packed with riding and exploring our nations treasure, all to support refugees . Be prepared for an ultimate adventure of a lifetime!

Why IRUSA Riding For Refugees Challenge? 

Through the Riding for Refugees Challenge, you will not be only taking part of the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, you will help pack a food box for every mile you ride and learn how it is important to support refugees. All participants will receive an email with a link to their personal crowdfunding page. Your goal is to raise $2,500!

Our teams will get in touch with you within 5 business days after signing up and provide you with tips and tools on how to kick-start your crowdfunding journey!


LOCATION: United States, Seattle - LA
DATES: Friday October 7th - Sunday, October 16th, 2022
ARRIVAL: Friday October 7th  to Seattle, Washington
DEPARTURE: Sunday, October 16th from Los Angles
REGISTRATION FEE: $799 ( flights and Motorcycle not included)
FUND RAISING GOAL: $2500 (75% must be raised before travel date)
ACTIVITIES: Motorcycle Ride, Exploring, Food Packing

Limited Spots Available!
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What will Islamic Relief cove with your registration?

  • Transportation from Seattle Airport, to LAX Airport
  • 2 meals/day for duration of trip, except arrival/departure days (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • 8 Nights Accommodation
  • Costs of all activities and tours
  • Entrance fees for sites/parks

What will I (you) have to cover?

  • Transportation to/from Start and Finish Point (Flight + Baggage expenses)
  • Selected meals on arrival/departure dates
  • Snacks outside of meals
  • Souvenir/Gift Shopping
  • Personal Expenses
  • Medical Expenses (travel Insurance is required)
  • Ridding Equipment and Motorcycle
  • All other expenses outside of Islamic Relief Challenge (extra tours, stays, transportation, meals)

Sign Up Eligibility

  • Age: 18 years or older
  • Have a valid motorcycle licence
  • Vaccination Status: Double Vaccinated
  • Physically fit (able to participate in physically inclined challenges)
  • No serious medical/health conditions that could affect the well-being (ie. physical injuries, heart condition, pregnancy) *Consult with your doctor
  • Must sign release waiver
  • All participants must raise 75% of fundraising goal ($2,500) prior to travel


Your Home - Seattle, WA  |   Distance: 0 mi/0 km  |  Overnight: Seattle, WA
Your tour begins with your arrival in Seattle, Washington, the emerald of the Pacific Northwest. With its distinct city skyline featuring the world renowned Space Needle, its vibrant downtown district, and regal Mount Rainier looming in the distance, this is the perfect place to begin a monumental motorcycle trip! The ride of a lifetime is about to start tomorrow!


Seattle, WA - Port Angeles, WA  |   Distance:135 mi/216 km  |  Rest: Overnight Port Angeles, WA
We will start our day by doing a food pack out for 400 food boxes, then head over to pick up your bikes at the EagleRider office in Seattle (unless you brought your own motorcycle). We will ride through Tacoma along the eastern side of Olympic National Park. With green forests around every turn and the cool smell of the coast in the air, you'll get your first taste of the lush Pacific coast.


Ride: Port Angeles, WA - Ocean Shores, WA  |   Distance: 160 mi/256 km  |  Rest: Lunch Ocean Shores, WA
Leave Port Angeles and ride past Lake Quinault as you travel south along the crashing waves of the Pacific toward the seaside city of Ocean Shores, Washington. The warm breeze calls out our name like the sirens of history as we head inland passing by Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest before surrendering to the shore once again at today's lunch stop in Ocean Shores. 

Ride: Ocean Shores, WA - Seaside, OR  |   Distance: 130 mi/208 km  |  Rest: Overnight Ocean Shores, WA
We circle North Bay as we say farewell to Ocean Shores on our way southward to Seaside, Oregon. We'll spend most of today on the infamous Pacific Highway 101 connecting Washington with its neighboring state, Oregon. This ride is definitely only for those with the spirit of adventure as you wind around the curvy inlets of the western coast spending some time on a two-lane bridge with only treacherous crashing waves below.


Ride: Seaside, OR - Newport, OR |  Distance: 110 mi/176 km  |  Rest: Lunch Newport, OR
Beautiful is the only way to describe this day's ride. Ride along the colorful cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway with the surf to your right and the hills to your left. This is what rider's paradise looks like!

Ride: Newport, OR - Crescent City, CA   |   Distance:  230 mi/368 km  |  Rest: Overnight Crescent City, CA
Today you continue down the coast to the quaint beach town of Crescent City. Named for its half-moon shaped coastline and known for its rocky seaboard, your approach into Crescent City marks our first entrance into The Golden State where you will be spending the remaining portion of your tour. While today's journey will be long, nothing is a chore when you ride alongside the sparkling Pacific coast.


Ride: Crescent City, CA - Shelter Cove, CA |  Distance: 175 mi/280 km  |  Rest: Lunch Shelter Cove, CA
Awe, respect, and admiration--these are just a few things you will experience today on our ride from the Northern California town of Crescent City through Redwood National Park on our way to Shelter Cove, CA. The Redwood trees native to this part of California are some of the tallest and most massive trees on Earth standing at over 300 feet (9144 cm) tall and some nearly 25 feet (762 cm) wide. Revel in their enormity as you make our way out of the misty fog and continue southward to the quite whale watching community of Shelter Cove.

Ride: Shelter Cove, CA - Mendocino, CA |  Distance: 100 mi/160 km  |  Rest: Overnight Mendocino, CA
Before you hit the road for the day, wander out to the rocky coastline with your binoculars to catch a glimpse of the whales native to those parts of the Pacific. Late risers, not to worry, the day's ride will be just as exciting as you make your way south toward Mendocino, California. We'll pass by Fort Bragg with its picturesque coastline, rugged terrain, and sapphire blue waves crashing against the rocks and sand. Finally you'll finish off the day arriving in Mendocino California, a haven for the artistically inclined. Spend the evening walking around the small downtown district dotted with art and music shops, "mom and pop" restaurants, and charming Bed and Breakfasts.


Ride: Mendocino, CA - San Francisco, CA  |  Distance: 155 mi/248 km  |  Rest: Lunch & Packout San Francisco, CA
Today you head slightly inland on your way to The Golden Gate City of San Francisco, California. The scenery will begin to change as you swap ocean views and the smell of salt water for sprawling orchards. Riding into Windsor and Santa Rosa, we will welcome you to the gates of California before you roll into the bustling metropolis of San Francisco.  The City by the Bay boasts more attractions, quaint shops and restaurants, and sites to see than possible to fit in your short stay. Make sure you visit Ghirardelli Square, one of the most popular attractions in SF where street performers will entertain you as you peak your head into small shops and street cafes famous for some of the best seafood dishes in the world. Feel free to hop on one of the street trolleys that are a moving landmark and are the heartbeat of this incredible city!


Ride: San Francisco, CA - Monterey, CA |  Distance: 120 mi/192 km  |  Rest: Lunch Monterey, CA
Today you will wave goodbye to the charm of San Francisco and point your bikes south as you ride around the bay toward the mystique of Monterrey. Upon your arrival in this spectacular seaside city, spend the afternoon walking along Cannery Row lined with beautiful hotels, shops and restaurants. Be sure to leave some time to take part in the dozens of attractions around the city including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pebble Beach Golf Course and abundance of beach activities. 


Ride: Monterey, CA - Pismo Beach, CA |  Distance: 160 mi/256 km  |  Rest: Sleep Overnight Mendocino, CA
We've said it once and we'll say it again: it's hard to believe that the scenery can become more beautiful, but this is one breathtaking ride! Today you'll follow along the acclaimed Highway 1 forward Pismo Beach California with the mountains on your left and the Pacific Ocean on your right. Soak up the California sun and cruise along with the salty sea breeze against your skin as you ride past Big Sur, California. It is at this point where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean creating one of the most beautiful stretches of California coastline. Today surely promises breezes and exquisite sunsets as this destination provides the perfect tranquil setting with its majestic cliffs and soothing surf.


 Pismo Beach - Los Angeles, CA |  Distance: 180 mi/288 km  |  Rest: Lunch, Pack Out, Sleep Los Angeles, CA
Today you head to your final deistanationsay farewell to Pismo Beach and set out sights on Southern California, home of The Beach Boys, Hollywood, some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country! have lunch today in Santa Barbara, California if you'd like, referred to by many as the "American Riviera" due to its similar climate and geography to the French and Italian Rivieras. Chrome has never looked so good as when it rolls into Los Angeles, California. Blend in with locals as you kick off our boots and swap our riding gear for bathing suits. Enjoy the easy livin' Beach lifestyle as you spend your last night remembering all of the fun you've had along the way.  But before we hit the beaches we will do our final pack out.  


 Los Angeles, CA - Home |  Distance: 0  |  Rest: Sleep in bed
Today you say farewell and head home

“Without new experiences, something inside us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.”

–Frank Herbert

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