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Who Is RIP Medical Debt?

RIP Medical Debt uses donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios that have gone through collection agencies for months or years. Using third-party credit data providers, it targets debt incurred by people facing financial hardship, and then forgives it. On average, $1 is leveraged to abolish $100 in medical debt.

Please see the full FAQ below and visit for more information. 

RIP Medical Debt's Federal Tax ID is 47-1442997.

About this Fundraiser:

As a critical care flight paramedic, I see people’s lives turned upside down at record speed on a regular basis. The debris on the roadway becomes a metaphor for the life that has just become unhinged. A single unexpected trip to the hospital can leave a person with crushing financial debt. And it doesn’t even have to be as a medevac patient,…a simple ankle fracture can put a patient out of work to the point of unemployment and financial ruin. I find myself struggling with the reality that our service sometimes creates and almost always contributes to this debt. I think of our seriously injured trauma patients, who have such long roads to survival and recovery, only to then face what must seem like an insurmountable mountain of debt. Between ground EMS service, air medical service, the emergency department(s) and trauma team, the operating room and ICU, step down floors and rehab,….the path they are thrust upon is so terribly long and difficult. I know our team provides a crucial and unique service, and we are a part of a much larger system which also provides amazing care to the critically injured and ill. This system has an incredible ability to restore the physical person. But at what cost to the rest of that human being? To their family? How can a system that saves lives against such odds also bankrupt them? And this phenomenon isn’t unique to our beautiful corner of the world.

As a young provider, I was like most: idealistic, enthralled with the possibilities, certain that my care was part of a happy ending if one was to be had. Years in the system now fill me with doubt. Does primum non nocere apply only to the physical? How can health care- life saving care- lead to financial ruin? How can this be our system, in this amazing country?                                                                   

On a daily basis, I hope that in the short time I spend with patients, I provide high quality medical care with a healthy dose of compassion. I cannot fix the broken and sick bodies, any more than I can fix our health care system. But I want, I need, to go a step further, both for them, and for me. This burden of debt, we all share it. Just as we are but a moment’s inattention away from being a priority trauma patient, we are equally that moment away from having a soul crushing debt burden. This campaign will primarily target debt in the following Virginia counties:  Albemarle, Augusta, Rockingham, Fluvanna, Charlottesville (city), Buckingham, Nelson, and Page.

I dream of bringing relief. Together, I believe we can make a start.

Whose unpayable medical bills does RIP forgive?

• Individuals who make less than 2 times the federal poverty level;

• Individuals with financial hardship – a debt that that is 5% or more of their annual income;

• Individuals who are insolvent (debts greater to their assets)


  • Rita Krenz Dear Friends, Thank you for helping me fulfill this goal! I've just looked back,...we started Sept 21, 2020 and on Jan 8, 2021, we crossed the finish line. You make my heart swell with gratitude! Thank you, Rita January 2021 $3,120.00
  • Sherman Showalter January 2021 $50.00
  • Lauren Fernandez Rita cares and she rocks! January 2021
  • Anonymous January 2021 $1,034.00
  • David Zader Employer Match January 2021 $1,000.00
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  • Rita Krenz Dear Friends, Thank you for helping me fulfill this goal! I've just looked back,...we started Sept 21, 2020 and on Jan 8, 2021, we crossed the finish line. You make my heart swell with gratitude! Thank you, Rita January 2021 $3,120.00
  • Anonymous December 2020 $2,500.00
  • Nancy Pavay December 2020 $1,040.00
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Recent Activity

Who is RIP Medical Debt? RIP Medical Debt (RIP) is a national 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to empower donors to forgive the billions of dollars in oppressive medical debt at pennies on the dollar. RIP locates, buys, and abolishes destructive medical debt for individuals, veterans, and families. Since inception in 2014, RIP has relieved more than $2 billion in medical debt for individuals across the U.S., impacting over 1.7 million individuals.

How Does RIP Medical Debt Work? RIP, working with third-party credit data providers, searches through large debt portfolios to locate accounts meeting their criteria for relief. RIP then negotiates to buy millions of dollars of this debt at a steep discount, usually a penny or less on the dollar.

Facts about Medical Debt

  • 42.9 million Americans have unpaid medical bills, which creates an adverse impact on debtor patients, physicians, and hospitals (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  • Six in 10 of both insured and uninsured people say they have difficulty in paying other bills as a result of medical debt. Over a third were unable to pay for food, heat or housing because of medical bills. (Kaiser Family Foundation & New York Times)
  • Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults under age 65, or 116 million people, had medical bill problems or debt, went without needed care because of cost, were uninsured for a time or were underinsured — insured but had high out-of-pocket medical expenses or deductibles relative to income. (Kaiser Family Foundation & New York Times)
  • Medical debt contributes to more than 60 percent of the bankruptcies in the U.S. Until satisfied, debt lingers on a person’s credit report to negatively impact their ability to buy a home, get a loan or even gain employment. (The American Journal of Medicine)

Whose unpayable medical bills does RIP forgive?

  • Individuals who make less than 2 times the federal poverty level
  • Individuals with financial hardship -- 5% or more of their annual income goes to out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Individuals who are insolvent (debts greater to their assets)

Why Donate to RIP Medical Debt?

  • Your dollar goes a long way! On average, $1 abolishes $100 of debt.
  • 100 percent of your donation goes towards abolishing medical debt.
  • RIP Medical Debt is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and our EIN number is 47-1442997. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • There are no tax consequences for those whose medical debts are forgiven. The forgiveness is a gift from a detached and disinterested third party (RIP) is an act of generosity, so forgiveness of the does not count as being income to the gift recipient.

RIP Medical Debt's Federal Tax ID: 47-1442997

Disclaimer: In the event that a campaign is unable to meet RIP Medical Debt's local campaign contribution goal, all funds will be attributed to our national funds for general medical debt.