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Why join the run for Daraja?

Too often, Kenyan girls are belittled, oppressed, and left behind. Daraja has been educating girls for 10 years because we believe they are powerful!

All participating fundraisers are paired with a Daraja girl who is running for her education in Kenya. Every dollar you give goes directly towards her school costs. 

So why do we run

To halt the cycle of poverty

To eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

To stop early marriage

To change limiting cultural gender roles

When you educate and empower a Kenyan girl, she ends the cycle of poverty in her family. She escapes early marriage and changes the culture in her villiage. She boldly stands against FGM, saving the next generation from the practice. And she becomes a professional woman and community leader.

That's why we run with her. Will you join us?

Recent Activity

Daraja girls are running for their education!

"Run for Daraja" fundraisers are paired with Daraja girls like Clara, who is also running for her education in Kenya. 

When Daraja's selection committee met Clara, she was so tiny that they kept asking her age to make sure she was old enough to go to high school. She explained that she used to walk 10 kilometers (6 miles) to get to primary school where she was often sent right back home because she couldn't pay school fees. Clara worked through every barrier to achieve good grades, and she served as the class prefect for four years!

Clara is the kind of girl who, despite her own tough circumstances, finds joy in serving others. She wants to be a scientist someday so she can “observe what people go through and help them.”

Clara's story is just one of 120 poignant stories attached to each Daraja student. You can visit the pages of some of our fundraisers to meet other girls who are running for their education.