I'm running with Anita!

Anita and I are running 12 kilometers on opposite sides of the world in support of girls education. Any money we raise goes directly to Daraja Academy in Kenya and Anita's education. Thank you for your help! or as they say in Kenya, ASANTE SANA!

Anita is from Baringo county. In her village, it is believed that boys should be the ones who go to school and that girls should get married. Anita’s father died when she was very young, so she lived with her uncle in order to get an education. After she finished sixth grade, Anita’s uncle wanted her to get married, so she ran away back to her mother. Unfortunately, her mother could only afford to send Anita’s brother to school. Anita has to travel twelve hours from her home to get to Daraja. She loves the sisterhood and the love that Daraja gives. Her favorite subjects are science and English. She wants to become a nurse so that she could help her family, her community, and contribute to Daraja.  Her advice to girls is to make education their first priority.





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