Below you'll find answers to most if not all questions you may have. Don't see an option that helps? Email us at with any questions or concerns.

How does Challenge 250 work?

Challenge 250 is an option for you to support the B+ Foundation. You create a fundraising page for free and if you raise $250, then you'll recieve a free ticket; it's that easy! Also, if you complete your profile to $350 you will recieve a second free ticket for a guest from a school outside of Salesianum, Ursuline, and Padua. Challenge 250 is becoming more and more popular every year because it allows everyone to earn their ticket through hard work and the help of their friends and families. Once you've created a challenge 250 page, it's super easy to share it with friends and family who can then donate directly to you and help you raise that $250 and then $350!

How do I donate to a specific persons fundraising goal?

If you're here looking to help someone raise money for SALSTHON, espcecially if they're doing the challenge 250, then look no more. Simply navigate to the "Donate Tab" and at the top of the page click "Search for individual partcipant or team", type in the name of the person who you wish to recieve credit for your donation and their name should appear. Simply select their name and fill out the rest of the form how you desire, you can even write a message to the person you want to dedicate the donation to!