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**Please use this path ONLY if you WILL NOT be attending the event. If you would like to attend the event, please use a registration option as either an individual or part of a team so we will have notice of your intent to join us.

       Your financial support helps fulfill the mission of  "enhancing the lives of those affected by Spina Bifida in Arizona".

Help a child who is a wheelchair user RIDE A HAND-PEDALED BIKE through our Family Fit & Well Program, empower EXPECTANT PARENTS with  information about the journey of Spina Bifida, provide INDEPENDENCE and WELLNESS workshops for teens and adults, assist with placing medically necessary supplies and equipment, subsidize SOCIAL NETWORKING & COMMUNITY EVENTS that encourage lifelong friendships and medical informaton sharing, and SO much more!

      THANK YOU for strengthening Arizona families affected by Spina Bifida and making a difference in many lives!


*If you file an Arizona tax return, Spina Bifida Association of Arizona is a Qualiified Charity for the Tax Credit. Single filers can have up to $400 and Joint filers up to $800 REFUNDED or applied to outstandng tax liabilites... DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!  We thank you for your most generous donation and appreciate your gift.

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