How Would You Like to Fundraise?

On Your Own

Whether you're running a marathon, hosting a bake sale, organizing a garage sale, or just creating awareness online your individual efforts can go a long way in supporting childhood cancer research. Every dollar counts, and every effort makes a difference.

With a Group

Team up for a stronger impact. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues to amplify your fundraising efforts. Host a group event, create a team for a charity run, or organize a community fundraiser. Joining forces with others increases your reach and impact.

With Your Company

Engage your workplace for a cause. Many companies support charitable initiatives, and your workplace could be the perfect place to make a significant impact. Organize company-wide fundraisers, employee donation drives, or explore corporate partnerships for kids with cancer.

Email or call (305) 335-0894 to start a corporate fundraiser.

In Memory or Honor Of

Create a tribute page to celebrate the life of a loved one affected by childhood cancer. Share their story, photos, and memories while raising funds in their memory. Your tribute page can serve as a touching tribute and a way to support vital research.

Coming Soon!