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Meow from the summit of the meowtain. I'm participating in the 23rd annual Seek the Peak. With your support, I can continue purrfecting my hunting skills. So fur, the mouse situation is purrty good this summer.

While the observers keep talking about hiking in the meowtains, I can't paws my Chief Mouser duties. I have to maintain claw and order with the summit mice that sneak into the humans’ area.

Besides catching mice, other important opurrations require my attention, like helping the observers furcast for the higher summits, studying the catmosphere, and keeping seats warm for my human companions.

When the humans let me-owt to explore the summit, I use these oppawtunities to explore the many caves between the rocks. These caves are litter-ally the perfect size for me! I purrsonally love the feeling of the rocks and moss on my fur. When I’m not in the rocks, I’m on the rocks feline fine in the alpine sunshine.

Please consider supporting my fur-vent efforts to raise funds for the Observatory and its claws... I mean cause.  

What was that? Could it be my treat drawer!? These observers sure are generous. My apawologies but meow for now. Thank you!





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  • Anonymous July 2023 $33.60
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  • Bruce Lowry July 2023
  • Patrick Dow From feline friends Gin, Sen, and Haku! July 2023 $66.02
  • Steven Tupper July 2023 $25.00
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  • Conny and Werner Griesshammer On Mount Washington, a sight so grand, Stands an observatory, strong and grand. High in New Hampshire, its home it claims, Where nature's tempests play thrilling games. Scientists brave the fierce winds with might, Gathering data day and night. With instr July 2023 $1,000.00
  • Anonymous July 2023 $525.00
  • Jo-Ann Driscoll June 2023 $500.00
  • Lourdes Aviles July 2023 $315.00
  • Teresa Bowers July 2023 $300.00
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