Poultry Business in Kolda, Senegal

Our project for 2016 takes us to Kolda, Senegal where our previous project helped provide vocational training to landmine victims.  This time we are working with our local partners - CACSUP and World Vision - to create a poultry business that women will be trained to manage and draw an income from.  The project is to construct a large henhouse that will be operated and managed by the women.  The money we are raising goes towards:

  • Building the large henhouse structure
  • Seeding the business with chickens, roosters and eggs
  • A veterinary staff that will come on-site to ensure the health of the birds are in order - by administering medicine as well as providing advice and guidance on care
  • Creating market channels with local business to buy chickens and eggs from the women
  • Management and operational training to the women on how to run the henhouse and the business

Additionally, we will be using the funds raised to offer a free health clinic to the residents of the local villages who cannot afford any medicines - this includes landmine victims, the jobless, and a nearby leper community.  We will also be using a portion of the funds to offer a free veterinary clinic for local livestock - something the residents direly depend on.


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