Why We Walk



“I was not a big animal lover until my husband with Alzheimer’s got a teacup-size Yorkie named Bitsy. She is his guardian angel. I was not crazy about an animal in the house, but now we fight over whom she is sleeping next to! Our dog has completely changed both of our lives. I choose to donate because I love what you are doing locally, especially with the animals from the hurricanes. Keep up the wonderful work!” Shelley Goshorn

“Jax was adopted in late July, and we want to let everyone know he is being spoiled and loving his new home. He is such a joy, and we are very blessed to have him as a new member of our family. Please know we feel lucky to have found him and are completely in love! We thank you for all you do.” John Haggerty

“We adopted a female cat named Stella in September from the Sharonville location. We absolutely love her! She was frightened to get in the pet carrier for the car ride home, but as soon as we arrived, she quietly leapt out and began exploring her new home. We came back for another 9-year-old cat named Summer. Both Stella and Summer are truly the best and have changed our family so much. Please know that the animals once in your care are now well taken care of. We thank you for everything you do! Thank you!” Michelle Wilkins and Family

“My name is Vinny Carvitti, and I just turned 6 years old on March 10. For my birthday party, I didn’t want my friends to bring me presents. I asked them to help me collect things the poor animals at SPCA Cincinnati need. I wanted to do this because I want the animals there to get special toys, treats, food and other things they need to make their days better while the SPCA finds them people who will love them. The animals need a lot of help from us to care for them and keep them healthy. Hopefully, my donations can bring attention to the SPCA and find new homes for the animals.” Vinny Carvitti

“Hi! I adopted a dog from the Northside location about 2 1/2 years ago, her original name was Tinker but I changed her name after to Daisy. I kinda wanted to show you guys the life Daisy has lived since I’ve adopted her. I feel like with all the awful things that we’ve seen on the news, I believe this will help shed some light. Daisy has become the absolute queen of our household, as you can see my bed is no longer mine. We have taken her camping, canoeing, and on my family’s boat where she absolutely loves life. She also made an appearance in my family’s Christmas photo. I just wanted to share how much brighter she’s made my life and how much I thank you guys for that! I hope this brightened someone’s day!” Amy Arnett