Event Description

Cedars is excited to announce our 2022 Fundraiser...

 "Shake, Rattle & DANCE!"
Saturday, August 20th

Cedars program participants and residents will be dancing for Cedars at a fun day of music, lunch,  and prizes. Our needs are great as we continue to keep the health and safety of our participants and staff at the forefront of all we do. So we're putting the "fun" in fundraising! 

Visit the participant page by selecting "Participants" on the menu bar at the top of the page to support a Cedars dancer in reaching their fundraising goal!  You can also click the "Donate" button on to the right to support the Cedars Team! 

Cedars dancers who raise the most funds or gain the most supporters will win fun prizes! Every donation counts and will go towards providing essential services for adults with developmental disabilities at Cedars. Exciting prizes include dinner parties, gift cards, ice cream parties, and movie nights! 

Please encourage family and friends to donate by sharing this page or sending a check to:
RE: Shake, Rattle & DANCE!
P.O. Box 947
Ross, CA 94957

To learn more about Cedars, visit www.cedarslife.org


How To Register

Registration has ended but spaces may be available. 
Contact Katie Ladouceur at KatieL@cedarslife.org or 415-526-1354.





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Cedars Supporters

  • Anonymous Thank you! 1 hour ago
  • Margarita Fajardo You're a great dancer Allison! Enjoy the event! 3 hours ago
  • Susan Umbaugh 3 hours ago $10.00
  • Anonymous Have Fun!!! Love 6 hours ago $250.00
  • Ann Baaten Go, Allison, go!!! 6 hours ago
  • Andrew Parker 7 hours ago $26.25
  • Drew demarta 8 hours ago $10.50
  • Drew demarta 8 hours ago $10.50
  • PERUVA AUTO SERVICES 9 hours ago $262.50
  • Anonymus Cash 11 hours ago $12.00
  • Kelly and Maggie Allred 11 hours ago $500.00
  • Stacy Margolin Go Sara! 12 hours ago
  • jim McGarry You just keep on dancing! 14 hours ago $52.50
  • Heidi Hunt Thank you for sending this to me, Claire! I’m so proud of your fundraising and love getting pictures of the beautiful art you do at Cedars! 15 hours ago
  • Lisa Shankar Dance up a storm, Allison! A day ago $52.50
  • Linda Ogden Dance up a storm, Allison!!! A day ago $100.00
  • Christina Adams A day ago $26.25
  • Sherry Bass Go for it! A day ago
  • Brandon Adams A day ago $105.00
  • Sherry Bass Go for it! A day ago $26.25
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  • Barbara Smith 3 days ago $5,000.00
  • Barabara Smith 3 days ago $5,000.00
  • Gordon T. & Melissa A. Egan Family Donation Teresa, You are an amazing young woman and have touched the lives of so may others. We are thankful to be two of those lives you’ve touched! Love you Teresa! Kerry and Nick 3 weeks ago $4,200.00
  • DML Healthcare 6 days ago $2,500.00
  • San Francisco Giants Your Giants family is cheering for you! 4 days ago $1,050.00
  • HUG Fund 3 days ago $1,000.00
  • Elaine Seawell Have a great time 4 days ago $1,000.00
  • Jim Birle Go Claire! 6 days ago $1,000.00
  • Lexie and Scott Clifford Dance up a storm, Claire! 1 week ago $1,000.00
  • Cathryn Jenkins For Deborah Cooper 2 weeks ago $1,000.00
  • Carolyn Jane Brown Hope this event is a huge success 5 days ago $525.00
  • John West Keep on dancing Andy. 2 weeks ago $525.00
  • Jack Gunion Go, Johnner!!! 2 weeks ago $525.00
  • Kelly and Maggie Allred 11 hours ago $500.00
  • KBH Properties And Investments Shake it Kieran! Have fun at the dance. -Baby brother aka Jack. 2 days ago $500.00
  • Russ and Ingrid Niles 3 days ago $500.00
  • Constance Evans 3 days ago $500.00
  • Thomas Cooper 3 days ago $500.00
  • Anonymous Show them your moves Gen! 5 days ago $500.00
  • Helen Psaila 6 days ago $500.00
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