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Please join us in supporting the Homeless Housing Assistance & Free Low Income Student Tutoring Programs of UPLIFT + over 20 Partner Nonprofits! Why? 

We LOVE Community Collaboration ♥

The Step Up San Diego Team Challenge, our current Fundraising Campaign, allows Team Captains to select another favorite Partner Nonprofit with whom UPLIFT shares the Team revenue. 

Why share our event revenue? Multiply your giving impact by raising funds for UPLIFT plus another favorite non-profit through our Collaborative Philanthropy fundraiser.

So many excellent San Diego nonprofits are struggling with low donations, high demand for services & short staffing. These groups work tirelessly to end poverty, homelessness, social injustice, racial inequity, environmental & educational disparities. Challenging times require teamwork. We rise by lifting others.

Thank you for being a blessing to those we serve & those that serve with us ♥

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