5K Walk for Water - Amman Imman - Water is Life!

Go Team Haddaway!

The Haddaway Ramsey Williams Family is doing it!

The people in the Azawak desert of West Africa, one of the poorest regions on Earth, are dying of thirst. One out of every two children dies before the age of five – 25% of these from dehydration. Without water to drink, bathe, cook, clean, water crops, or give to animals, these people cannot survive. Almost no organizations or government agencies work to help this region solve their water problem.

How does Amman Imman help? Amman Imman builds borehole wells that reach the clean, pure water deep in the ground. Water is pumped from the ground up through faucets on the surface. Because the water is so far down, one borehole well costs about $175,000! Each borehole well taps live aquifers and provides water for as many as 25,000 people and animals. We work with local people to set up management committees and teach the men and women how to maintain their borehole well. With the proper maintenance, a borehole well can last 50 years or more. We go back to check on the borehole wells that we build and talk to people in the community about ways to improve them. In the United States and abroad, Amman Imman works with schools, communities, and individuals to bring the story of the Azawak to light and raise funds to help the people there. Funds also support education, health, and immunizations.

Please consider making a donation to support a good cause, the Ramsey family team, and Cara's high school community hosting the event. There will also be a wonderful cultural festival open to the public beforehand for the Silver Spring community! Sat., May 16, 10am-12pm. 5K begins at noon. John F. Kennedy High School, 1901 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20902. Go Cavs!

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