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7 years of Team MAX & SAM for the Missing GRACE Foundation

Team MAX & SAM

It's been 7 years since Max and Sam were born and went to heaven.

The boys should be getting ready to go back to school with their friends/cousins. They should be starting 1st grade.  We should be getting back to school supplies, clothes, and shoes.  I should be saving PTO days in case one of both of them get sick.  We should be doing so many things...

Instead on the eve of their 7th birthday, I am creating their fundraising page.  I am working on creating the legacy they should be able to make for themselves.  I am trying to make their mark in this world that they aren't here to do.  I am planning the days I am taking off work for volunteering to get everything ready for the Hope & Hearts walk....  After 7 years, it still doesn't feel fair or right but I do take solace in this event and my pride as a mommy is never bigger.

The funds raised for Missing GRACE in their name is their legacy... the families they help are their mark left on the world.

My volunteering is the only way to actively be their mommy :)

I hope I am doing right by them and they are looking down here proudly with what we've been able to accomplish to date.

Please walk, run, or donate.  Help remember, honor, and make their legacy make a positive impact on families going through a journey no family should ever have to take.


Below is Max and Sam's(and their mommy's) story:

On August 10,2008, 24 weeks into my pregnancy my twin babies were delivering and I found myself on the way to Fairview Riverside via ambulance.  By the time I got there, one of babies was already in the birth canal and an emergency C-section needed to done.

My two little boys were born-
Samuel James was stillborn due to a bruise on his sholder from being in the birth canal. He had blood pooling there and there wasn't enough blood running through his little system to keep his heart going. He weighed 1 lb 11 oz.

Maxwell James was born in critical condition and had many problems with his little premature body including bleeding in the brain, a collapsed lung, and other serious issues as well. He survived about 24 hours. He weighed 1lb 9oz.

As you can imagine, our hearts were broken and it was the most horrible and sad thing I have ever experienced in my life. I was so angry, wondering why God might give us these babies only to take them away so soon but I found strength I never knew I had and decided it wasn't for me to know. I still cry when I need to cry but I am healing. But there will always be pieces of me missing. I will always wonder what my little boys would look like, what their personalities would be like, and what they might grow up to be.

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  • Kaylene Thomas August 2017 $50.00
  • Roberta Gibbons My heart is with you on this sad anniversary, Julene. Hugs.... September 2015 $25.00
  • Jennifer Weatherill September 2015
  • Chad and Amy Lyon Your angels smile down on you from Heaven. You honor their memory in the most amazing ways! September 2015
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  • Kaylene Thomas August 2017 $50.00
  • Mike Gaughran September 2015 $50.00
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  • Roberta Gibbons My heart is with you on this sad anniversary, Julene. Hugs.... September 2015 $25.00
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