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8 years ago our world changed when we learned that our little baby's heart stopped at 26 weeks gestation.  The appointment was made to ease the concerns Brenna had about not feeling the baby move.  The doctor and nurses did their best to encourage and to support, but it fell short, because our concerns were not eased, instead they were realized when the doctor announced to us that our baby was no longer living.  We would later learn that the little baby was a girl, our sweet Madely Faith Zeimet.  

Our doctor was extremely kind and supoortive, praying for us and speaking truth into our lives.  Our family was supportive and incredible in the days and weeks to follow.  Our faith family at Heights Church interceded for us over the next several years until God blessed us with another daughter.  

Infertility, pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant death are silently affecting so many women and families.  Ours was blessed to have support in the journey and continues to be supportive of us 8 years later.  However, we are very aware to the fact that not everyone has this.  Missing Grace Foundation often times is that emotional and spiritual support for women and families who are grieving and healing their own loss or struggle.  It would bless us greatly if you considered a kind gift to this organization.  No woman and/or family should carry the weight of loss in isolation.    

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