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Since retiring from Shell in December 2016, I have focused much of my time and energy on volunteer efforts in the nonprofit sector.  This is a new adventure for me, and I am privileged to be working with a variety of amazing community-based educational organizations and a fantastic group of nonprofit professionals.  One organization that has struck a chord with me is The Woods Project, a local nonprofit that offers wilderness education and exploration experiences to disadvantaged Houston-area high school students to help them develop critical behaviors and skills needed to achieve success in school and in life (www.thewoodsproject.org). 

I am particularly committed to The Woods Project and their mission having had a son who benefitted greatly from a similar experience-based wilderness education program.  Through his wilderness program, my son learned independence, self-reliance, decision-making, adaptability, perseverance, resilience, and the power of teamwork.  He was forced to turn off technology and turn on his senses to the natural world around him.  My son’s experience was a confidence-building and life-changing experience that enabled him to achieve success in school and life, and which gave him a deep appreciation for nature and the environment.  I am committed to helping The Woods Project provide a similar experience for Houston-area high school students who might not otherwise have such an opportunity. 

I hope you will join me in supporting The Woods Project by walking with me on Saturday, April 29, at the “Walk for The Woods Project” event.  Please feel free to join my team at no charge - Energy for The Woods Project.  When registering, use promotion code ExperienceWilderness17 at checkout.  If you are unable to Walk with me, please consider making a donation to The Woods Project. You will be helping high school students in our community to develop critical behaviors and skills that are necessary to succeed in school and in life.  Please help make a positive impact on our community.





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