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On July 20th, 2015 we experienced one of life's all-time highs - we found out we were having a baby. On September 14th, 2015 we found out that we were having a baby boy. And one night over dinner, we decided his name would be Jackson Wilder Marra. We were so happy and enjoying every day, tracking his growth, talking/reading to him, noting all his milestones from first kicks to the exciting feeling of his hiccups, elated that we were going to be parents - a Mama Bear and Papa Bear to our little cub. Life would be changing in a big way; it would be so rewarding and amazing. It would be a miracle, as all life is, and a true blessing. 

Unfortunately, we experienced one of life's all-time lows on February 24th, 2016. During a routine doctor's appointment we found out that Jackson's heart had stopped beating at 36 wks old. We really don't have the words to describe how we absorbed the news and how devastated we were and continue to be. We were terrified of meeting Jackson surrounded by silence, knowing we would not hear our son's cries as he took his first breath, but we stayed strong and together we delivered Jackson on February 26th at 1:19am. Despite the tragic circumstances and our heavy hearts, meeting Jax for the first time was a moment we will treasure forever. He was perfect and so beautiful!  Jackson weighed 6lbs 2oz and had a full head of wavy hair, his Daddy's hands and feet and his Mama's nose and chin. Although we did not hold him under the circumstances for which we had hoped and dreamed, we felt extremely fortunate to meet our little guy. He brought so much love to our lives and to our families and friends in his short life and he will never be forgotten.

We recently honored Jackson's 1st Birthday in Heaven! Although a year has passed, our hearts ache everyday that goes by and we do not have Jax to hold in our arms but we have held strong to our faith and accepted the beautiful gift that Jax left us with - to live everyday fully and to appreciate life. 

We have had so much support from our loved ones and many others that have experienced a loss of a child. Sadly, 1 in 160 pregnancies will end in Stillbirth, approximately 26,000 babies a year in the United States. Many will never have any answers to why their baby died. Every day new families sadly join the community of bereaved families - parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts. As loss parents we know the need for the support in the most difficult time imaginable and the need for further research so that many other families will not have to experience the loss of their baby. No matter what the future holds for us, Jax will always be with us, in our hearts and will forever watch over us. He continues to bring us love every day of our lives.  Jackson Wilder Marra is our son and we are so very proud to be his parents. All that we do to raise awareness and offer support is in his name.

We are proud to participate in the Let's Not Be Still! New York Run/Walk again this year. Money raised from this event will be used to increase awareness, support research, promote education, and encourage advocacy and family support regarding stillbirth.

Thank you for reading our story. You will never know just how much it means to us that we can share our story, thoughts and feelings with you all. How much it means to hear Jackson's name from yourselves when talking about our son. He has so much love from you all and we know our little angel feels all of it up in Heaven.

We love you all and Thank You for your support!

With Much Love,
Steve, Julie & Jax





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