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This will be my 6th summer with The Woods Project and throughout the years I have worked on getting over 800 students and 250 volunteers on our summer program through the help of our school partners and volunteers! This number doesn't include our after school club program or weekend trips- needless to say, TWP has worked with a lot of high school students in Houston. The students and volunteers are what make The Woods Project and they make my job not just a job but something I am passionate about.

Getting that many students and volunteers into the woods and on a life changing experience incurs a big expense so any contribution goes a long way into making someone's summer a summer to remember and changing their trajectory. I know first hand about learning something new every time I'm out there and each experience has helped me learn more about myself and who I am as a person. The students I see go from shy, uncomfortable adolescents, to opening up to the experience and everything the woods, volunteers, and other students have to teach them along the way. It has been fun to meet students at 14 or 15 and then see them as young adults and one common thread we hear is that TWP helped them to get to where they were going by opening them up to possibilities outside of Houston. Our students don't always end up as lifelong backpackers, but they can translate that time they climbed a mountain into the challenges of their everyday life. By donating to my team and TWP, you too can be a part of a students first plane ride, first time seeing and climbing a mountain, first time backpacking, first time without their cell phone, first time away from home for two weeks, so many firsts that would not be possible without your generous support.

Thank you in advance for considering to donate to me or my team- it means a lot to me but could mean the world to a student.

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