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June 10, 2017

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Team Chris need your help to collect at least $10,000.  Yup, $10,000.  But here’s why . . . and this is really cool . . . we are part of the Inaugural WCCO-TV Pulling Together event, an epic tug of war across the Mississippi River!   It’s Minneapolis vs. St. Paul and we’re proud to pull for our hometown, Team St. Paul! East Side for Life!  It’s an event featuring amazing teams from both cities and $10,000 is the entry fee.  But here’s the even cooler part . . . every one of those $10,000 goes to Fraser.

Don’t know who Fraser is. Well, trust us, Fraser is AMAZING! As the largest and most experienced provider of autism services in Minnesota, Fraser can help those with autism and other special needs reach for a bright future. Hearing the diagnosis of “autism” begins the journey to see and learn about life from a unique perspective. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 68 children have autism. Thousands of Minnesota families are faced with the challenges of navigating an autism diagnosis each year. Fortunately, evidence shows early intervention can result in dramatically positive outcomes. Given the right tools and support, those living with autism can make great strides at any point in their lives.

$10,000. Ten Thousand Smackers. One Million Pennies. However you state it, it’s our goal and we need your help!   So what are you waiting for…Donate NOW!   Don’t worry, we plan on out-tugging the competition and bringing home a victory for St. Paul, but we’re even more excited to Pull Together with teams from both sides of the river and support Fraser. Competition has never been so cool.

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