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Friends, family, and fans: Please donate to or join my team. I have been working with The Woods Project for over five years and regularly lead students on backpacking and kayaking trips during the school year and summer. This year, I will return for a fifth summer to lead students in the Donner Pass and Desolation Wilderness areas, much of our time spent on the famous Pacific Crest Trail. The donations we make help transform the lives of so many youth by putting them in situations where they learn to lead, collaborate, and enjoy nature in all of its dimensions. And they always bring back to heir home environments much wisdom from the mountains.

In Memory of Bunny Cheirin

I am walking this year to remember my mother, Bunny Cherin, who passed away last April 25. Mom walked with me on several Walks for the Woods. She was a supporter of many animal, nature, and wilderness programs and loved being outside. While she was not herself a rugged backpacker or overnight hiker, she wholeheartedly supported The Woods Project and my involvement with it. So this year, donate to or join my team in memory of Bunny.


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