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Hi!   My name is Erin Saurers and this is my good friend Jenn Mize!   Here is our story!

I started working at GraceWorks Ministries in August of 2014.  I had been a volunteer with GraceWorks over the years and finally decided to work for them.   I worked in the furniture store part time.   My son, Cooper , had just started school.  One day, Jenn walked in to the store to buy halloween stuff and I recognized her and we started talking.    After a couple of months, our boys got to be close friends and so did we.

After a year of part time work, I applied for the full time position of Volunteer and Donor Relations Manager.   I was so excited to recruit volunteers for GraceWorks.   Jenn started with volunteering for events like the Manager and Food Basket delivery.   She was even the prize chairperson for the Golf Fore GraceWorks Tournament and collected over 80 prizes for our golfers.  

We both shared the common love to serve our community.   That is what GraceWorks is about....helping our neighbors with immediate and long term resoruces.   In 2016, GraceWorks served Williamson County neighbors with 46,665 needs valued at $5.2 million!   We need your help to continue to serve our community.  

Please consider donating to our golf team this year!   Our goal is $6,0000.00!   

$6,000.00 will provide:

-- 600 kids with a fuel bag to sustain them for the weekend until they can get back to school for meals.

-- 120 backpacks stuffed with school supplies

-- 80 small size families with food  for a month

-- 240 of our neighbors with gas cards so they can get to and from work


These are just a few items that it can provide to our community!   Please consider making a donation!   It is with your generosity that GraceWorks can continue to serve our neighbors!


Erin and Jenn


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