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Here's our story... December 21st will be 10 years!!!  Mady was our second girl.  We had prayed for her.  Our church family prayed with us for her.  Her older sister was a little over 3 years old and LOVING life.  Nick was in school, full of personal and professional anticipation of what was to come!  Brenna was pastoring the teens in our city.  It was good.  Brenna scheduled a doctor's appointment one morning with concers that she hadn't felt Mady move for a while.  The time seemed to slow down greater than I have ever experienced before.  The ultrasound tech took pictures and typed the words, "no heartbeat".  No words were said because bad news is always given by the doctor, but the words were on the screen.  Our hearts sank.  We would need to check in to the hospital that day and then leave a few days later WITHOUT Mady.  She was STILLborn.

Here's why we are raising funds... Those days, the ones immediately following and still 10 years later have been filled with God's love and faithfulness.  Our family was there, supportive, helpful and continue to be every one of those things, 10 years later.  Our church family was there, supportive, helpful and continue to be so in the days years following.  Our friends were there, supportive, helpful and continue to be so 10 years later.  We raise funds because we have become aware over the past 10 years that our story special, yet not unique.  There are grieving families all over our country.  Families grieving their STILLborn baby, their multiple miscarriages and/or their infertility struggles.  Some of them have support like we had, some have immediate support however it doesn't last through the years and still others lack the support.  We have been introduced to Missing Grace Foundation, a Minnesota based non-profit that is doing the consistent and necessary work of offering care and support to these families.  This December we will celebrate Mady's 10th birthday.  10 years later and Missing Grace still sends us a card on that day!  Every September we here our daughter's name read aloud.  Every September we get a chance to be with other families who KNOW.  There is something special in that moment!  We give for these reasons.  Please join us in giving towards the work of Missing Grace!

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