Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk 2017

There Iz Hope

October 7, 2017

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Welcome to team There Iz Hope!  Our walk is dedicated to our daughter Isabella Hope, better know as Izzy...

Izzy is doing so well!  She turned four at the end of June and is an AMAZING person.  She puts a smile on the face of every person she encounters.  Izzy just finished up early childhood school and had a great year!  She attended her special education classes two days and a private regular preschool for two days.  The girl loves school and her friends.  She learned how to count this year, eight shapes, her colors and so much more.  She is a little sponge!  She will be attending 4K in the fall and I know she will enjoy everyday.  Some of her favorite things include watching Sesame Street (she can tell you everything you need to know about the show!), painting, reading, dancing, singing and her big brother to name a few.  She also has another talent, pull ups!  She is quite a monkey and will pull herself up and hang.  Her strength is incredible. 

Many of you know our story and for those of you who don't I will try to type the short version. Izzy is adopted. She had been abandoned at the hospital at birth because she had down syndrome. She was the best thing to ever happen to our family.  We had struggled with infertility for years and were blessed with getting pregnant with twins.  The pregnancy was very rough and sadly our twins, Lucy and Isaiah were still born. I miss my babies every, single, day... but I couldn't imagine my life without Izzy.  She is everything I never knew I always wanted.  She makes our hearts full and our house happy. 

If you would like to join our team and walk with us this year sign up on our page.  You can fundraise for us through your page as well.  The day is a lot of fun and there are plenty of activities for kids and adults to enjoy. 

All donations are greatly appreciated.  They help support down syndrome people from babies to adults. Izzy is currently using speech therapy this summer that is funded by our local downs group.  This walk is our biggest fundraiser and helps support families through the year. 

Thank you for your support=)

Sheri and family





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  • Sheri Derks From friends and family of Izzy! GO TEAM IZZY! October 2017 $300.00
  • Mathfab The Queen of Golf Wood We love you and enjoy the walk. October 2017 $1,000.00
  • Jason Rieckmann Go Izzy!! October 2017 $150.00
  • BRIAN ASENDORF Great news about how Izzy is coming along. I wish I could be there for the walk but good luck on the rest of the donations. October 2017 $31.50
  • Joella Elliott We love you, Izzy! September 2017
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  • Mathfab The Queen of Golf Wood We love you and enjoy the walk. October 2017 $1,000.00
  • Sheri Derks From friends and family of Izzy! GO TEAM IZZY! October 2017 $300.00
  • Michael Dercks You are an amazing family!!! August 2017 $262.50
  • Jason Rieckmann Go Izzy!! October 2017 $150.00
  • Jared Blohm September 2017 $105.00
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