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I am sponsoring “Drew’s Grampa’s Team” to help ensure that others continue to receive the love and care that we received from the Amazing people at Children’s Hospital.

Drew's Story

Drew Michael Halsne was born on November 15, 2009. 9 weeks early, weighing 3 pounds he was immediately rushed to Children’s Hospital. We were all very worried and concerned about his viability. The fear turned to hope when we visited Drew in the NICU and met the band of angels keeping our tiny warrior alive, thriving and growing. With banks of monitors blinking and beeping, teams of doctors and nurses lovingly used the most sophisticated equipment to minister to our Drew. They also ministered to us with patience and kindness. Their skill, expertise and confidence was amazing and so reassuring. They convinced us that our tiny, blue, baby boy would be just fine. After 5 weeks, my daughter and son-in-law took Drew home. Children’s had provided the instruction to help them continue to nurture their Drew. They worked very hard. 

Now, Drew is 8 years old. He brings so much love and joy to us, all. We can’t imagine life without him. It is my honor to sponsor a team in the “Walk for Amazing” to give thanks, in a small way, for the miracle Children’s Hospital’s angels brought to our family. Drew is a very special gift from the very special people at Children’s. They deserve my thanks and hopefully yours as well.

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  • Jill Matheson Grandpa Mike, We wish our wee contribution translated into much more across the border! We have many others who need support right about now and are spreading our love widely. Drew’s battle and triumphs were truly those, as well, of Children’s Minnesota! May 2018
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