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We were shocked and incredibly blessed to discover we were pregnant with twins in September of 2015.  We didn't know or consider anything less than bringing home our twins in April 2016. 

On March 29, 2016, we were met with a new shock when we were told that one of our boys' heart had stopped.  Within hours of receiving this news, we were surrounded by family as I was wheeled to the OR.  Henry Donald Miller was born at 5:27pm, weighing 6lb 4oz. I didn't know he was born until 5:29pm, when I heard the mewing cries of Owen Richard Miller and asked Mike if Henry was out yet.  Owen's 6lb 9oz was placed against my chest, and Henry was wrapped in a receiving blanket and placed in Mike's arms.  We cried, and we marveled at the creation of these two perfect boys.  Henry was perfect in every way, and so, so beautiful.  His only flaw was unseen in that first moment I laid eyes on him. 

The duality of joy and sorrow in that moment was impossible.  We faced incredible joy and incredible sorrow, elation and grief, gratitude and dispair.  We were so proud, and so heartbroken.  That pride and heartache is with us every day, and we know it will continue for the rest of our lives.  We are so blessed, but still so heartbroken.

No one talks about it.  Stillbirth is far too common in this world of modern medicine.  1% of babies in the United States are stillborn.  24,000 families a year face unimaginable heartache.  Too often, families have no diagnosis and hear, "It's like crib death, in the womb."  The public hears about ways to prevent crib death. How often does the public hear about ways to prevent stillbirth? Star Legacy Foundation is committed to education and research in preventing stillbirth, and supporting the families in the face of this tragedy. 

Lydie's Loop is especially dear to our hearts, as Lydie's name was on the Cuddle Cot donated to our hospital that allowed us to keep Henry close after he was born.  We are *so* thankful for all the support we have received over the past 2.5 years as we fundraised for Henry's Legacy. Henry Donald Miller is forever remembered by the Cuddle Cot placed at our hometown hospital, Grady Memorial, support for photographers with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and support for Star Legacy Foundation through Lydie's Loop.  We are committed to parenting our beautiful boy from this side of Heaven by raising awareness, supporting other families, and fundraising for Star Legacy's important work.

So much love to all who visit here,

Mike and Melissa

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