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MYS 4 Keys to Artistic Excellence

MYS believes that there are four interweaving components to well-rounded musical education. MYS understands that participating in each one of these requires commitment but we guarantee that students who engage fully with all four have better opportunities for success at MYS.

#1 Private lessons are fundamental to learning an instrument. Beginning lessons early allows for age-appropriate instruction that supports students as they grow. Private teachers provide personalized instruction, support student success, and serve as a resource for student opportunities and information.

#2 School music programs whether orchestra, band, small ensembles or music classes allow students to engage their musical brains every day! MYS students have the opportunity to be leaders in their school programs and develop friendships with their classmates. School music teachers work tirelessly to allocate the resources of their classroom to individual students and find a place for each one to learn. 

#3 Ensembles offer students the best opportunity to hone their listening, following, and leadership skills. MYS students to do this in a fast-paced environment to develop a foundation for playing as a member of a large orchestra. Smaller chamber music groups also give students the chance to learn musicianship and take responsibility for playing their part. Conductors and ensemble coaches create a cohesive whole from a collection of individuals, allowing each one to embrace their unique role.

#4 Home Practice is how students apply techniques from their private lessons, work on ensemble music, and develop the discipline to organize their practice time. Understanding a piece of music requires a structured and concentrated practice session. Lessons learned during home practice apply to other areas of the student’s life.





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