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a short play


THE SCENE: It is 2009. Glorious green corn fields, backed by the splendor of New York's Catskills mountain, roll past as two bicyclists journey from Niagara Falls to the Statue of Liberty on a life-changing journey. The riders are ROSS and SHANE. It is "Red Dress Day" on the Empire State AIDS Ride, and both riders have embraced the absurdity of bicycling in full costume. It is hot. Their muscles are aching. Their hearts are alive.

ROSS: I think I am going to start a Shakespeare company.

SHANE: I think I am going to go to graduate school.

ROSS: Do you think we can hold each other up through all that?

SHANE: I'm certain of it. And think of all the incredible art we can make.

ROSS: And the people we can reach!

SHANE: And the stories! Oh, the stories!!!

ROSS: (pointing to an imperfection in the street) Pot hole!

SHANE: (swerving to avoid it) Thank you pothole. (pause) You know, we could really make an impact.

ROSS: Yeah. I think we could.

And so began the journey of New York Shakespeare Exchange.

The End


Over the past 9 years, we have made NY Shakespeare Exchange a priority in our lives. And in return, it has provided us the artistic home we need. We are humbled by the devotion of our artists and community. We are astounded by the growth we have acheived.

And we are unbelieveably excited about what comes next. Please DONATE today and help us reach our next set of goals. Your funding will support our next season of shows and will contribute to much needed institutional growth.

You are our community. You are why we do this. You keep us going.

Thank you!

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