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Asher's Dashers 8 Years Strong

Asher's journey with Children's started in 2011 at just 21 weeks gestation. Between weeks 20 and 21 Asher's heart rate fell from the normal 120 beats per minute to 60 beats per minute. Pediatric cardiologists from Children’s Heart Clinic diagnosed him with third degree congenital atrioventricular block, or heart block, meaning the electrical message in the heart is blocked so the heart doesn't’t know to beat. On November 30th, 2011, at 3 days old, Asher had a pacemaker implanted. Because pacemakers are made for adults, and not a 7 pound baby, Asher’s device was implanted in his abdomen with the leads placed on the outside of his heart. Surgery was very successful and Asher was discharged just a week later. In March 2017 he went back to Children’s to have his first generator replacement. Asher will be pacer dependent for the rest of his life and, because of Children’s, will not fear the multiple surgeries he will have throughout it to replace the generators and leads as they wear out. Eventually his pacemaker placement will be moved from his abdomen to his chest and the leads will be intravenous instead of on the heart itself. Asher is a happy, healthy, full-of-life first grader who dreams of being a scientist…or a professional Lego builder. With the help and care from Children’s he is able to enjoy life as a typical 7 year old!  

This will be our 8th walk to support Children's Heart Clinic and Children's Hospital of MN. Children’s has not only cared for my child but our entire family. Our first born has been a Children’s patient since before he was even born. As first time parents who didn't’t even know what heart block was, every doctor we encountered was supportive, honest, and forthcoming with information. And while it wasn't’t what we imagined for our start to parenthood, Children’s was our child’s first home. He not only had us there to hold him and care for him but he also had the most amazing nurses who taught us so much. As Asher has gotten older it is clear that Children’s excels at caring for kids. Nurses were able to distract him through 2 hour doctor visits during the challenging toddler years, have patiently answered his thousands of questions over the years, and I’m sure down the road the video game consoles in the rooms will get some use. Without Children’s our story would be very different. Thank you Children’s for the miracle of our bionic boy and for the miracles you have shared with countless other families!  


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