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Show your County Pride!

Welcome to the Inaugural Clash of the Counties - a fundraiser for the Irish Immigration Center! On this page you will be able to donate in honor of  County Mayo. Once you've donated, share your support on Facebook as well as your favorite story or photo! Let's show everyone all that Mayo has to offer! 

If Mayo brings in the most funds, we'll get:

  • Bragging rights for the year
  • "County Mayo" engraved on a plaque in the IIC
  • A visit from the Foroige Philadelphia club to Mayo
  • A live social media broadcast from the Foroige Philadelphia club (we can invite family and friends to get in on the social media post!)
  • A banner shout out on the IIC website for the year naming Mayo as the winning county for 2019!

Click on the "Donate Now" button on the right to make your gift in honor of Mayo today! Better yet, click "Join Our Team!" to help push Mayo to the top of the leaderboard! 

All proceeds benefit the Irish Immigration Center.

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  • Anonymous April 2019
  • Maureen Callahan April 2019 $150.00
  • Maureen Callahan March 2019 $63.20
  • Eileen Barrilli March 2019 $105.00
  • Maureen Hickey March 2019
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  • Mayo Association March 2019 $250.00
  • Maureen Callahan April 2019 $150.00
  • Eileen Barrilli March 2019 $105.00
  • Thomas Grady March 2019 $105.00
  • Lisa Maloney March 2019 $105.00
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