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Health insurance is NOT affordable; deductibles are high, copay are high.  Out of pocket expenses for healthcare have risen to a point where people are hesitant to even get health care.  Being in the healthcare industry, our Goal is to help as many people in the Lakeland Community receive healthcare in all specialties.  Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine is that organization that allows working class individuals to get the help they need at NO out of pocket expense for the patient!  This is an amazing organization for an amazing community!  

Please help us support LVIM and hit our goal so everyone can receive the healthcare that they need.  Steve and I will be racing in the 12th annual Derby Dash on Lake Mirror on Friday, April 26 to raise awareness and funds for LVIM.  LVIM is a volunteer-run medical clinic that provides free medical care to the working uninsured of Polk County.  Examples of what your donation will provide:  $50 provides one diabetic patients the supplies to treat the disease for one month;  $575 for one year.  $1,150 provides medications for 300 patients for one week.  $800 will screen 10 women for breast cancer.  Any amount can help this working community get the healthcare they need and deserve!

Thank you everyone for your support and donations!  It truly is the GIVING that produces the LOVE for Lakeland and the Polk County!

-Drs. Steve and Tiffany Love


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