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The Generous Associates Campaign is back, and we hope we can count on your support for Legal Aid once again this year!

Since 1990, attorneys from across the District of Columbia have joined together each summer to ensure that our neighbors have the legal representation they need. Tens of thousands of people have saved their homes from eviction, reached safety from domestic violence, obtained the government benefits they needed, and so much more because of the Campaign.

Last year, Perkins raised nearly $8,000 for Legal Aid as our entire D.C. office came together to support access to justice in the District. This year, we are aiming to do even better.

You can contribute right now by clicking the red button "Donate Now." Please be sure to include our Firm's name with your donation, so that Legal Aid can track your contribution and account for it in the daily totals for each firm. You may also contribute via cash or check - please contact Bria Cochran (bcochran@perkinscoie.com) and Shane Grannum (sgrannum@perkinscoie.com) directly if you'd like to do so.

Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle to receive four (4) tickets to a Washington Nationals game this summerWe will announce the lucky winner at the conclusion of the Generous Associates Campaign.

For more information on Legal Aid and the terrific and important work that the organization does, please visit Legal Aid's website at https://www.legalaiddc.org/.

We hope you will join us in this important effort to make justice real for those who need Legal Aid the most.

Best regards,

Bria Cochran, Associate
Shane Grannum, Associate

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  • Varoon Modak 3 weeks ago
  • Brian Svoboda 3 weeks ago $257.25
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  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago $514.50
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  • William Malley 3 weeks ago $514.50
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  • Bruce Spiva Last month $750.00
  • Janis Kestenbaum Last month $750.00
  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago
  • William Malley 3 weeks ago $514.50
  • Daniel Nudelman Last month $330.00
  • Elizabeth Poston Last month $330.00
  • Crystal Canterbury Last month $330.00
  • Brian Svoboda 3 weeks ago $257.25
  • John Geise Last month $257.25
  • Caroline Mew Last month $257.25
  • Alexander Tischenko Last month $257.25
  • Bria Cochran Last month $250.00
  • Shane Grannum Last month $250.00
  • Andrew Caridas Last month $205.80
  • Donald J Friedman Last month $205.80
  • Fabricio Vayra 4 weeks ago $200.00
  • John Devaney 4 weeks ago $200.00
  • Alexandria Bradshaw 3 weeks ago $154.35
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