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Elsie was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 3 years old.  It took Jeff and I a while to 'adjust' to life with daily meds and the constant fear of not knowing when the next seizure would come. We are inspired by Elsie, who has adjusted quickly along the way and has a great attitude about her future! 

The Epilepsy Foundation and our wonderful doctors at MN Epilepsy Group have supported us by providing information, education and introducing us to an amazing community of support.  There's an instant connection with others who face similar challenges.  

We are raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation becasue of their wondeful mission, outreach and programs.  Elsie will attend Camp Oz this summer for her first overnight camping experience!  Camp Oz is staffed with doctors and nurses, 24/7, to provide a safe environment for kids with Epilepsy.  We are so excited (and nervous) for her to go!  It will definitely be a learning experience for all of us.  :)  

It's also important for us to raise awareness around Epilepsy.  If you encounter someone having a tonic clonic seizure (Grand Mal), the best things to do are to help them get on the floor so they don't injure themselves, roll them on their side and try to cushion their head.  Do not put anything in their mouth.  Loosen anything tight around their neck such as a neck tie. Stay with the person and remain calm.  If you are interested in learning more, here's a great video.  

Please also consider donating used clothes to EFMN - check out the website

Thanks for your ongoing support of EEPs PEEPs!  Jeff & Amy

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