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  • Brandi Roberts Thank You Catherine Delrosso for your support! May 2019 $138.60
  • Anonymous December 2019 $78.75
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  • Jessica Bowen May 2019 $57.75
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Thank You For Checking Out Brandi's National Art for Charity Campaign

Between NOW and JULY 2, I am giving all my ART away to relieve medical debt for America’s Veterans!

I have teamed up with RIP Medical Debt because this national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization locates, buys, and forgives medical debt across America for pennies on the dollar. $100 can forgive up to $10,000 in medical debt!

I am angered by our American “health care” billing and insurance practices. It is an embarrassment that some people must choose between life-saving medication and food, or between paying medical bills or going bankrupt. We are the only industrialized nation with personal medical debt. This has to change. My outrage won’t change the policies, but my actions and using my art can help some people feel a bit of relief knowing their medical debt has been forgiven. I tailored this national campaign to assist our Veterans. Being a 20-year military spouse, a daughter, and granddaughter of those who have served, I want to THANK YOU by helping forgive medical debt for our brothers and sisters of service.

Please consider supporting this campaign in one of these four ways:

1. Simply make a tax-deductible donation through this page.

2. Visit my website www.brandijroberts.com/shop and choose which art items you would like to have or gift, donate that amount on this page  – then message me for shipping fee options. You get the potential tax break, and the art piece.

3. Buy an item from my website www.brandijroberts.com/shop  I will donate all monies after shipping, taxes and merchant fees. You secure your item fast, however you miss out on the potential tax break of donating directly to the non-profit site.

4. Share this post in your feed, or via message to those you think would want to support this campaign.

Together we can make a dent in some Veteran’s lives.

Will you support me in this campaign?





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