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This page serves as a landing spot for the AECOM folks who want to give the hike a try. And its also the page you can share with family and friends to give them more info.

First things first - who’s Blue Sky Fund? 
Blue Sky Fund is on a mission to provide transformational experiences for urban youth through outdoor 
education. We help low-income children from the City of Richmond improve academic achievement, 
especially in the sciences, through active outdoor education. We also develop character and leadership 
through outdoor experiences that expand horizons, increase confidence, and build collaboration skills. 
Currently in our eleventh year, Blue Sky will reach over 3,000 youth in 2019. 


Cool, right? What in the world is Hike For Kids then? 
This unique family-friendly event benefits the youth of Blue Sky Fund! Together with over 400 other hikers, 
we will hit the trails of the James River Park System to raise funds and awareness for Blue Sky Fund’s outdoor 
education programs. Enjoy some of the best urban hiking in the country with either a 3-mile, 8-mile, or 14-
mile loop around the James River - great for family and master hikers alike! We’ll celebrate the hike with an 
after-party to enjoy beer, food and music. 


What’s in it for us? 
Each hiker makes a HUGE impact on kids in our community – the more people on your team, the more 
proudly your company can shout from the mountaintops that you are supporting our kids: 
• 5 hikers sponsors TWO students in our elementary school program for outdoor science 
experiences for the entire school year. 
• 12 hikers sponsors TWO students in our weekly Outdoor Adventure Clubs designed to teach 
middle school students outdoor skills, resiliency, and character. 
• 20 hikers sponsors ONE student in our year-long Outdoor Leadership Institute, which develops 
personal growth, servant leadership, and multicultural understanding in high school students.

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