Strong People of Grace Unite!

We're kicking up our commitment to help kids in Haiti! Will you join us?

These kids need lunch every day. We want to make sure they get it.

We at Grace Church in Teaneck have been partnering with the Light and Peace Mission in Trois Mares, Haiti, for 12 years. That Mission has a school, the only school in town. Many of us personally send money every month to provide teacher salaries and we've watched enrollment grow from 24 to 297 students! One thing we've learned though, is that many of their families don't eat every day, maybe only every other day. That's pretty common in Haiti. But it's no way to thrive or focus on schoolwork. 

We want better for these kids! That's why we will again host Teaneck Packathon for Haiti on November 9. Every year we work the whole packathon weekend to make it run smoothly, welcoming 700+ volunteers who pack enough school lunches to feed the students in Trois Mares and neighboring Chapottin all year long. We love the diversity of Bergen County people who come and work together to get the job done for those beautiful Haitian children. 

This year though, we want to make an extra effort. We want to help raise $3000 toward the Packathon's need for $56,000. That money will buy:

  • Rice, beans, vegetables and vitamins to pack for the children to enjoy Monday-Thursday;
  • Locally-sourced meals for Fridays, to help support Haitian farmers and business people.

Grace Church will not receive a dime! Our entire effort is to help "our" Haitian school kids.

We are used to giving our all for the Packathon, but we really need your help. Would you Donate Now to help us reach our goal? And please, come join the fun packing on November 9!



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