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We Swim. But we also make a difference.

I've heard the name "Diggers" was given to this swim group after a dog named "Digger" followed this group out and back across a lake during an open water swim.  

But, after knowing this group for 4 years now, I have a new theory on our name.  I argue we are called "Diggers" because we truly "dig into" whatever it is we are doing - whether it is a long swim, a run, a friendship, a good cause, a joke, or a needed word of encouragement. 

We are true to heart.  

We are resourceful.

And we are strengthened by each other.

Outside of our weekly swims, runs, and ridiculous jokes at the gym (at one another's expense), we are digging for causes to fight for, support, and throw our hearts into.  Friends, this is a GOOD ONE.  Central Florida would have dozens more homeless young adults - on street corners, in cars, and on friend's couches - if not for The Faine House.  Your fundraising support of the 2020 Run for Hope directly impacts the lives of dozens of young adults struggling for mentorship, safety, health, love, encouragement, and hope. 

YOU are providing HOPE.  Thank you for digging into an awesome cause.  

About The Faine House:

On the front lines of child welfare since 1902, Children's Home Society of Florida is devoted to help build strong families throughout Florida.  And here in Orlando, Children's Home Society of Florida has served thousands of children and families in the past 50 years, by providing a variety of programs that focus on child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention, adoption and adoption support services, mentoring and help for troubled, runaway and homeless teens, and providing The Faine House to teens that have transitioned out of the foster care system and need extended care to succeed.

The Faine House provides Steps to Success, five essential steps to change the path of an at-risk young adult: education, housing & transportation, employment, health & wellness and personal finance. Upon move-in, residents craft a Life Plan to guide their progress. Taking each step together, The Faine House assists in their growth. Through the development of each life skill, residents progress, become empowered and enter our community as confident adults.

Donate today and make a difference in the lives of Central Florida's youth!

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